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Allergic To Vagina

HD 720 P. We have been web-cam-chatting for months now. You always claim (almost daily) that you love my pussy. You love all my pussy worship clips, you love my tits, yet when show you what you're begging for you go limp. Wanna know what I think my little lying pet? I think you love dick. Thats right, I think you crave a big juicy cock. The minute I tell you to envision a cock your dick gets so hard and you cum all over yourself in seconds. Don't sit here and try to convince me that you are not gay because you are. You know it, I know it, thats just your perversion.

Fresh Pumped Semen

HD 720 P. The title says it all. Either you are thinking about eating your cum. Have eaten your cum many times or ingested many random loads like a whore. You crave the taste, you need cum like a drug to keep you stable. You will just pump, eat, pump, eat for the rest of your life. There is nothing more satisfying than a big juicy load to you. Pump one out for me and jerk it right into your mouth like you have many times before. Pump, pump, pump, cover that face.

Boyfriend Gets Violated

HD 720P. I have been texting you all day. I sent you numerous nude selfies and even a voice note of me moaning. You never replied!! Then you come home and say you were busy?! I hate you, you're a liar. You weren't too busy you couldn't respond to me. I am sick of coming after your work. You always come home tired and ignore me all day! I am going to leave you. You wouldn't like that would you? Well there is only one way I am going to stay. You need to wear this cock ring and anal beads whenever you are away from me.