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Goddesses Pay Pet

HD 720P. You are just so desperate for goddess aren't you? What would you do without me telling you how to spend your money? What would you  do if you did not have someone to please constantly? What would become of you if you lived your life selfishly day to day and did not have someone to care for? You would be a miserable little cock stroker is what you would be. I need a real pay pet, not these internet wishy washy idiots. I want someone who wakes up every single day and thinks of me first. Someone who is so mesmerized, turned on and aware of my every need before I even say a word.

Foot Pain Slut

Do you ever just stare at my feet and want to beat your balls? I bet it must be so hard when you look at my feet. You become mesmerized and weak, easy to convince. Today my feet want you to punish yourself. You will slap yourself across the face 20 times. Look at that! My feet are wrinkling with laughter, at you. Now punch yourself in the balls. My ankles are crossing with joy at your agonizing pain. God, I really do not care about you except to laugh at you and manipulate you with my feet. You are such a loser, look at you mindlessly destroy yourself for my gorgeous feet.        

Foot Cuck Training

This is the first day of the rest of your life. Today your cuckold foot training begins. You will serve at the feet of your superiors. Your superiors have always been myself and the big alpha dick I fuck. It is your job to serve our every need. If you do a good job your reward is licking our soles clean after we come home from the gym. We are going to use you for all our errands, cleaning and basically anytime we want someone to fuck with. Maybe at a party well make you the butler or the coffee table.