Welcome to your latest addiction. This is Lindsey Leigh, with the new and improved MyLindseyAddiction.Com. Here you will find over 100+ hours of the hottest Fetish POV content online. Your curiosity has drawn you into my world… where kinky girls rule. Feed your fetishes and explore them with the sexiest girl next door, me.

Jerk Training For The Weak

I know you jerk your cock constantly. How many times to you masturbate a day, once or twice? This playing with your cock has become quiet the problem for you. I do not think you will ever get it under control unless you have someone to jerk for. That someone is me. You need a true goddess, a reason to stroke that is not selfish. You are weak for me and my hot body. My dominant attitude overpowers your selfish jerk habits. I want you to ache, to edge, to be completely mine. No longer will you jerk your dick for your satisfaction, you will only jerk for mine from now on. 

Erotic Hypnosis With Lindsey

**HD 720P**<br><br>In this clip I begin with a "progressive muscle relaxation" induction. As you listen to my soft and dominant words you will feel your body relaxing. Almost losing all strength as I place you into a relaxed state. Once in that relaxed state I begin melding "Mathematical Induction" into your hypn0sis. Asking you to count backward from 100. By doing this you activate your delta state, allowing me to take complete control of you. Through the use of three multi-level deepening I will turn you into a Lindsey addict.

Our Little Secret

I am your babysitter. Last I checked you were playing video games in your room so I decide to take a shower and get comfortable. Your parents will be home soon and you need to be in bed, the problem is that you are not. In fact you are spying on me while I am in my "unmentionables". I catch you and decide to make a deal. I would be fired if you told them I wander their house in my bra and panties and didn't put you to bed on time. I need this gig and can not have that happen. I decide to seduce you. I know you are a virgin, I can't change that.