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Worship Goddess Lindsey

There are laws in your life that you follow everyday. For instance paying taxes, stopping at stop signs, not shooting people. That is not good enough for me, you need to follow my laws. You need to worship me and not only denounce any religions you practice, but any laws you know. You need to obey me, worship me and repeat your mantras daily. I want you to build a shrine to me. I want you to only worship goddess Lindsey, no other false idols. I am your one and only. You live for me. You stroke for me. I am the only thing you need. WORSHIP GODDESS LINDSEY FOR LIFE.

Weakened By Goddess Shots

I am getting ready to host a Halloween party. I bought so much inebriant I can not fit it all in my cabinet. I need your help. You see these two bottles? One is Fireball the other is tequila, they couldn't fit. I need you to drink it for me. See I like when you're tipsy. You are more fun to toy with, so easy, so weak. I am going to get you wasted. I fill up shot glass after shot glass and coerce you to drink. First tequila then fireball, back to back. You are so easy to push shots on! All I have to do is show off my cute breasts.

Therapist Louboutin Seduction

You have entered my office today out of desperation. No therapist will see you in town due to your perversions. Every therapist and analyst you have seen so far has either given you medication to shut your dick off or turned you away. You want into my office under the impression I do not know anything about you, this is false. I have your file right here and it tells me everything I need to know. That you stalk young girls wearing Christian Louboutin heels around. That you have a breaking and entering charge where they found you cock deep in a pair of heels. The list goes on.