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True Cuck Suck Off

Im glad you were able to come over on such short notice. My alpha and I just returned home from a fabulous date. We went to the finest restaurant, had numerous bottles of wine and had an overall romantic time. Now were to the part of the night when we just got home and its time for sex. I mean I can't not put out, he took me to such a nice dinner and was so romantic. My alpha really wants to get his dick sucked but Im not in the mood. I am more of a receiver.. I really hate to give. So I was thinking it would be great if you could blow him while he goes down on me.

Lindsey's Soiled Panty Addict

I bet you love soiled panties don't you? I bet that I could wear these to the gym three days in a row and you pay a pretty penny for them. I can guarantee the more soiled, the more foul smelling, the more you would want them. You can't control yourself, you are a panty addict. I know you buy other girls panties. I bet you have a whole collection of panties you've sniffed, licked and sucked. You do not care if there is discharge, period stains or even shit on the panties. You are such an addict you will take anything you can get!

Stroke For Long Toes

I know all my Lindsey foot freaks out there can not resist my hot toes. Especially after I have just come back from getting a relaxing pedicure. I know feet turn you on. They make you weak and submissive. You would worship every inch of me happily, but when it comes to my feet you are helpless. All I need to do is put on a foot show for you and you have a boner. I want you to start pumping away for me while staring at how cute my feet are. You are becoming even more desperate for my feet as you look at my wrinkled soles.