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Always In The Friend Zone

Aw, you are so cute, did you get me gifts again? You are always getting me something! You are the best friend ever. I just don't know what I would do without you, you are my best friend. I just love how close we are, how you are like my lap dog. haha. Every man is jealous of you! You get to spend the night at my house, watch me change, everything that a boyfriend gets. I know what you are wondering, how much longer do I have to be in the friends zone? Well, the truth is, I think you are a huge LSOER! I could never date someone like you, yeah you're a good friend but lets keep it real here.

Suck Me Off Like A Whore

Are you drooling over my cock? Oh, I know you are. You can not stop staring at at. Now I know you have sucked a cock before or maybe this is your first time. But I have a certain way I like my cock sucked. You need to be gentle at first then work your way to deep throating. That is not all though, you need to lick my spit off my cock. Thats right, you will suck MY SPIT OFF MY COCK. It doesn't end there, I also have many other ways you can turn me on by sucking me off. Oh the ways your mouth could please me today..

Vasectomy Time

I have been in search for my perfect man for a while. Someone who can worship me daily. Cook any meals Im craving. Keep up with all my kinky ways. Go on fabulous vacations with me. Live in a beautiful home with me.. Yes I have found a few men who meet these criteria, but I am missing a huge one. I need to be with a man who gets a vasectomy for me. I don't want to be worried that when Im fucking your brains out I could get pregnant, no no no. Let me tell you the real truth though. I want to be in complete control, I want your balls in a vase on my desk.