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Vasectomy Time

I have been in search for my perfect man for a while. Someone who can worship me daily. Cook any meals Im craving. Keep up with all my kinky ways. Go on fabulous vacations with me. Live in a beautiful home with me.. Yes I have found a few men who meet these criteria, but I am missing a huge one. I need to be with a man who gets a vasectomy for me. I don't want to be worried that when Im fucking your brains out I could get pregnant, no no no. Let me tell you the real truth though. I want to be in complete control, I want your balls in a vase on my desk.

Fishnet Leg Worship

I know you can not resist a set of long legs draped in fishnet stockings. I also know you can not resist a hot spandex leotard. Put the two together and your cock is completely under my control. I am going to instruct you on how I will play puppet master with your cock. How many strokes, how tight, how many pumps, its all up to me. The entire time I am going to be teasing you mercilessly with my tight ass and lean legs. I am in control of your cock now and there is no escape.

Lindsey's Big Black Dick

You at you. You are so desperate for cock. Oh, you thought I didn't know? Just looking into your eyes I know you're on the search for the next biggest cock. Every cock you come across is not big enough for you, you want it longer and thicker than the last. It is so pathetic that just by looking at you I can tell you are a nasty little cock licker. Today you have met your match, my 15 inch length, 4 inch width black cock. Thats right this cock is going to open you up so deep you can't sit for days!